Featured at Ryerson's META 2018 exhibit April 5th - 7th. See for details.

The Invasion is an action based film following the “choose your own adventure” narrative. This highly production-based interactive work explores traditional storytelling conventions with an innovative twist. The participant is invited to watch and interact with the work, choosing their personalised narrative.

As of now the project is not available online but only at the exhibit. But we are currently working on making it online accessible. Stay tuned.

This comic cover was for anotherGraphic Communications Management second year at Ryerson University. Students were assigned to create their own super hero or heroin and design a comic book cover. The Doctor Panther design is inspired by Japanese manga comics.

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 7.55.01 PM

"Iron Sights" is a game beta created for a 4th year course at Ryerson University. It is a 2D side scrolling plat-former  using Construct 3 to build the game. Some of the assets are purchased, some created and others out sources to talented friends. This is a prototype with updates on a weekly basis to work out bugs and expand.


Gray Wolf

Adobe Indesign is used to manipulate text into a silhouette. Created for Graphic Communication Management, Ryerson University third year course. Design criteria was to create a native Canadian animal using only text. The success of this design is due to its minimalist use of colour and space while maintaining a playful organic quality.


Final project for Ryerson course Making Objects, second year. In this course we were instructed on how to use a variety of tools, ranging from 3D printers to laser cutters. For our final project we used our new skills to build any object. Working with a group and the endless possibilities of what to make we took on the challenge of a Star Destroyer from Star Wars. This model was constructed out of laser cut wood and foam-core.